Willow (foster with view to adopt)

No longer available

Willow arrived to us as a welfare case, found dumped in a bush along with 5 puppies in a box. They were all underweight with a heavy worm burden and covered in fleas.
Willow is 10 years old, and had a severely infected mouth full of rotting teeth and a large mass which was impacting her ability to eat. Her poor paws were so sore due to huge mats in between her pads, which have now been cut out and we are bathing them daily.

She has had to have every single tooth barr 2 removed. The mass was removed and has been sent away for analysis and is not cancerous. There was chronic inflammation noted - probably from her awful teeth but this could be due infection or destruction of jaw bone underneath. She has been on antibiotics so this would combat the infection but we will x-ray her jawbone during her next mammary tumour removal to confirm whether there is a more serious issue going on with her jaw.

She has now had her first surgery to remove the mammary tumours on one side, along with being spayed.

Her lungs were x-rayed before the procedures and there is no sign that cancer has spread to her lungs and her tumours have come back as benign, which is great news.

Willow will need one more surgery to remove the second side mammary tumours, but we are now looking to find her a foster home (could be with a view to adopt) so she can be in a home environment to recover from her next surgery. Her new home will need to be able to get her to Dover or Dartford for her vet appointments initially (2 maybe 3 times at the end of Nov / beg of Dec)

Willow is extremely friendly with other dogs out on walks but would like to be the only dog in the home (she likes to keep all the cuddles for herself)

She cannot live with cats. 

She has been for sleepovers with one of our volunteers and has only had one accident in the home, but her new family must be prepared for settling in accidents.

She does get a little unsettled in the early hours of the morning and looks for reassurance so ideally she would sleep in the bedroom so she feels safe and can be reassured as needed whilst she is settling in. 

She is a very spritely 10 year old and is super excited to go for walks and does pull on the lead.

Willow could live with dog savvy children aged 10 and over.

Willow has been through incredible ordeals and has clearly been neglected for a very long time. She needs a family who are understanding and patient and who has the time to shower her with all of the love and cuddles that she has missed out on for so long.

If you think you can be the one to show Willow the true meaning of love, please use the link below to complete the application form