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Hi everyone!

My name is Lola, and I am an 8 year old Staffy who has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

I am the epitome of a Staffy: I love people, kisses and cuddles and anyone who walks near me must stop and fuss me - it's what I am here for! I am particularly dinky, weighing just 16kg and I am quite the little love bug!

My little tail goes non-stop when I meet someone new and if I can sit on your lap and kiss you, I will!!

I am happy to meet and play with other dogs out and about as long as they are respectful. I have been ganged up on by a group smaller dogs in the past and have grumbled and snapped but have never been outwardly aggressive to them, even when they were being mean to me ( I just felt intimidated!). However, if other dogs are friendly to me, I am happy to say "hi!" and have a play if they want to! I often have play dates with the Staffy who lives next door.

I do want to be the only dog in the home as I would like to have all the snuggles for myself! 

I enjoy being around little people but I do quite like the quiet life now so children aged 8 and over would be fine. 

I currently live with a rabbit who I see through the cage but does not have free rein. I can live with a very dog savvy cat but not one who will run as I will chase (playfully, but the cats don't always get that!)

I am non destructive in the house and fine to be left for a few hours now and again but would like someone predominantly based at home because it means more cuddles, more walks and more company for me!!

I will walk ahead on the lead but am not a real Staffy puller!!

I have no issues around food and toys and I am a good girl at the vets!

I have recently had a dental and recommended Yumove for my joints now that I am growing a little older!!

If you can offer me a place in your heart and your home (and you meet all of the above criteria), please fill in the pre- adoption form at the bottom of my profile - you will not be disappointed!!

I am a very people-friendly girl and my little tail wags like crazy whenever I meet someone new!

Lola the Staffy

Looking for a furever sofa /

If you meet the criteria above and would like to offer Lola a loving forever home, please complete an application