I'm a 1.5 year old American Bulldog and I'm looking for my forever home. Please read my story to find out more about me and how to adopt me.
X-Large (25-40kg)
American Bulldog
People Friendly?
Live with cats and small furries?
Live with children under 13
Live with other dogs?
Requires an Experienced home?

Important: Appliations for Casper can only be considered for homes that meet this criteria.

Please read carefully before applying! Casper is looking for a specific home and we are unable to respond to enquiries which do not fit his criteria. The following checklist is absolutely non negotiable:

People friendly ✔️
Adult only home ✔️
Children ❌ (Due to his grabbing)
Cats or other pets❌
Other dogs ❌
Experienced home needed ✔️
Someone at home all of the time ✔️

Hi everyone! My name is Casper and I am an 18 month old American Bulldog. I was rescued from a tiny yard covered in rubbish with minimal human interaction. As a result from my sad start in life, I arrived completely under-socialised and knowing very little about the outside world.

I have been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and spondylosis of the spine. This means that I have to have carefully controlled exercise and medication. SEDR are also exploring hydrotherapy but this has been hindered by the pandemic.

I am an extremely loving and friendly boy with every human I meet but my biggest issue is that I when i become stressed or excite, I grab things. That could be your sleeve, cushions off the sofa, things in your hand, your duvet or pretty much whatever is in my eye line! There is absolutely no aggression behind this but I am a big lad and this is a challenging behaviour. I can be distracted at times with treats but I am not a dog for the faint hearted or a novice. Someone who has experience with this behaviour is a must! The ideal would be to teach me to carry a toy and to seek out that toy at times of stress or excitement.

I haven't had much interaction with other dogs and will need a home without other dogs or any other animals. I have barked and lunged at some bigger dogs but have also remained calm and relaxed when i’ve met others. I would benefit from gentle socialisation with dogs once i've settled in my home.

I was predominantly clean in the house but did have a few pee's indoors during foster.

I struggle with being left alone so initially i will need a home where there is always someone at home and are experienced in building up to me being left for short periods.

I will need a lot of time, patience and experience to guide me onto the right road. In return you will be rewarded with a dopey loving lump of a dog who will keep you on your toes!!

If you can offer me a place in your heart and your home... Please email for a form

If you meet the criteria above and would like to offer Casper a loving forever home, please complete an application