I'm a 1.5 year old Staffie X and I'm looking for my forever home. Please read my story to find out more about me and how to adopt me.
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Staffie X
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Live with cats and small furries?
Live with children under 13
Live with other dogs?
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Important: Appliations for Jadie can only be considered for homes that meet this criteria.

**Please read Jadie's rehoming criteria VERY carefully. We will not respond to applications that do not take the time to ensure that they can give Jadie everything she needs in her new home. Furthermore, we will not respond to messages or telephone calls regarding Jadie. If you meet her rehoming criteria and are interested in adopting her, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this profile**

Hello, everyone!!

My name is Jadie and I am a beautiful 20-month old Staffy X girl. I am spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. I am being fostered in Medway, Kent.

My journey into rescue has been a sad one. I came into the care of SEDR/NHAR after my former owners' 'friend' kicked me so hard that he broke my leg and bruised my uterus. I underwent surgery to repair the fracture and was then signed over to the vet as my owner did not want to pay the bill. To add insult to my awful injuries, he told the vet that the 'friend' had bought him a new puppy!!

My rescue friends say it is very evident that I came from a violent, abusive home and whilst my physical wounds have healed, the psychological scars still exist. Therefore, I am going to need a very experienced and committed home to help me heal those scars, and I am told that the following criteria are NON-NEGOTIABLE.

* A pet-free home (no dogs, cats or small furries).

* No children in the home and no visiting children.

* A home in a quiet location, without lots of visitors.

* A home without resident dogs next door.

* I will need an experienced owner who has worked with nervous dogs before and will take control of situations I find difficult (so that I do not feel the need to take control of them myself).

The areas in which I need help include:

~ People entering the house

I am fearful and anxious of new people coming into my home and so measures need to be in place to prevent me charging towards them whilst barking. I have not bitten, but this can be intimidating for new people and I am learning how to receive people calmly (full details of how this is done will be passed onto new owners).

~ People on walks

I used to bark at everyone on walks but with the help of my foster family, I bark at about one in every ten people now. There does not appear to be any pattern as to who I bark at, but I will bark at people who try to approach me or suddenly startle me. For this reason, it is highly-advisable that I wear suitable colour-coded attire when on walks, such as a red 'caution' lead or vest. It is also advisable that I am walked either in open spaces, avoiding alleyways or blind corners, or at quiet times.

~ Dogs on walks

I cannot live with dogs as I have proven in the past that I do not like sharing my space with other dogs. However, in time, I may be able to pass dogs calmly on walks with consistent work.

When I see dogs on walks, I will sit and lie down, stubbornly refusing to move out of the way unless I am bribed with fresh chicken (and I am a bit quick in taking it!). If the dogs are at a reasonable distance, I will stay in this position. However, if they get too close, I will lunge and cry. Whilst my rescue friends do believe that with the right, calm dogs, I may be able to interact more closely in time, this is not going to be an overnight process: it will take time and patience. However, the right family will not place huge expectations on me and will let me find my paws in my own time.

~ Ongoing work in the car

I am not a natural traveller: I do get anxious and can drool an awful lot. However, my foster parents have been working hard to acclimatise me to car journeys and recently, I made a car journey of a mile long without any problems. However, I will need ongoing work if you want to take me on longer journeys.

~ In addition

You must not shout at me as I get very scared by raised voices due to my past experiences. I have been a little fearful around some normal household routines, such as closed doors, emptying bins and the hoover. Whilst I am still apprehensive with doors being closed on me, I am much more at ease around the hoover and have improved around the bins too.

I know that I need a lot of help and I am not a home for the faint-hearted, but all of my difficulties have come from such a terrible start to life. However, I have made great progress with my fosterers and they say that I have improved vastly since I first came to their home ❤️

I am told that I am clever girl who, with repetition, learns quickly. My foster parents are currently working with a professional trainer and I am making good progress on my ever-increasing repertoire of commands. I really enjoy being focused on good things, so ongoing, fun training will be really beneficial to me (and will help to build my relationship with my new owner/s).

I also adore cuddles with my trusted people so expect lots of love once I have learnt to trust you! I am very partial to topping up my tan in the garden. Bikini season is coming, so make sure you get your towel on the sun bed before I do!

When I am at home and alone with my foster parents, I am extremely chilled out and love to snooze on the sofa. I can be left alone for 3-4 hours with no separation anxiety or destructive behaviour. I am very excited to see my foster family when they get home and I am like a little shadow at times (which my foster parents say is very cute!!).

I am a very clean girl in the home. When I first arrived in the foster home and started training, I had a few accidents as I was a bit anxious. However, now that I am comfortable in my foster home and a routine has been established, I have had no more mishaps.

I have no issues in the home environment with resource guarding: my family can walk past me whilst I am eating and they can take a toy away from me without any protestations.

As you can see, I have some mental trauma and I am not going to be a dog who slots into family life easily. However, with the right, experienced home who is prepared to take on the 'Jadie challenge', they will be rewarded with the most loving and loyal girl ever.

If you think that you can help me live my best life, please fill out an application form below.

If you meet the criteria above and would like to offer Jadie a loving forever home, please complete an application