I'm a 10 year old Akita and I'm looking for my forever home. Please read my story to find out more about me and how to adopt me.
Large (10-25kg)
People Friendly?
Live with cats and small furries?
Live with children under 13
Live with other dogs?
Requires an Experienced home?

Important: Appliations for Frankie can only be considered for homes that meet this criteria.

Hi everyone!

My name is Frankie and I am an approximately 10 year old Akita cross. I am a petite girl for my breed - weighing in at just 26kg. 
I came to SEDR as a terrified and completely shut down stray and I have blossomed into a sweet, easy going girl.
I am currently in foster in Kent. I am looking for a specific home:
🐾 Located close enough to continue to use our vets in Dover, and SEDR will remain committed to my medical needs.
🐾 An adult only home (I am currently in foster with one adult female and this suits me well) without visiting children
🐾 A home without other dogs or pets, and without reactive dogs in neighbouring gardens (I likes to chill outside in the garden and dogs barking at me from next door would stress me out)
🐾 I am fine to be left for a few hours so an owner that works part time or is out of the house for a few hours at a time is fine.
🐾 I will need a garden

I am completely house trained and will ask to go outside. Typically of my breed, I like to relax outside so a garden is non negotiable.

I love to play with my toys and will take a shoe to play with if left lying around. Rather than challenging me over this, my foster mum waits until I grow bored of shoe play and then will put them away, or swap for something for more exciting!
I have a degenerative condition in one of my stifles (knee) and I am on pain medication for this. It does mean that I can only have limited exercise (about 15-20 mins twice daily)
My foster mum also has a stair gate to stop me going up
and down the stairs which puts more pressure on my joints (I'm happy to sleep downstairs in the living room) I am also on the supplement Yumove.

I have a very sensitive tummy and have a special diet of gastro intestinal tinned food, with sardines.
I enjoy my walks but have a strong opinion on which way we should go! If I decide I want to go left, I wont go right :-)
I get a little stressed around other dogs if they are close to me, so my foster mum ensures we avoid them. If they are at a reasonable distance, I will ignore them. In the home, I am very easy going and happy to chill on my orthopaedic bed during the day.
If Im feeling particularly excited, I will sometimes mouth but without any aggression: I'm just being playful!

Due to covid, I have not had many visitors to the house, but when someone in my foster mums ‘bubble’ visited I did become a little overexcited and was nibbling her hands and arms. My foster mum put me behind the dog gate away for a few minutes to let me settle down and the I rejoined the room afterwards and was calm and welcoming!!

I am a sweet girl who is looking for a quiet retirement home to rest my head.

My foster mum says “As long as she has the basics in life - food, toys, comfy beds, walks and access to the garden then she’s a very easy and happy dog".

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