Treacle’s Treasure

What’s it all about?

Here’s the link to the Facebook page to help and play!

Treacle’s Treasure was set up by one of our generous volunteers. Read on to find out more….

‘Treacle was the first dog we rescued, she was offered for sale with a card in a window by a dubious home breeder.  I kept seeing the card and just had to phone up and ask about her as I could not stop thinking about the card.
I arrived to see her and there was no Mum or Dad and this tiny little puppy who was clearly under 8 weeks old.  The house I went to was awful and I just could not walk away, so she came home with us.
We took her straight to the vets as she was very poorly and she was put straight on to a special diet as she was so young.  We nursed her back to full health and she bonded really well with our other female dog at the time.
When our older dog shuffled of to rainbow bridge she was so lost and lonely we looked for another rescue of a similar age and found Nero and SEDR.  Nero had been with Kymm for three years and had been overlooked by potential adopters, we fell in love with him immediately and he became Treacle’s best friend.
Nero and Treacle get up to all sorts of mischief, normally instigated by Treacle.  She used to get him to bend the bottom of the fence so she could get through.  When Nero discovered he would not fit he would just break the fence completely so he could join her.  We have now got much more hardy fences and neither of them can escape anymore, much to their disgust.
Since having Nero and meeting Kymm I have tried to help as best as I can, but life has always taken over.
We got our gaming licence so that we could do lotteries and donate the proceeds to SEDR to try to give Kymm some regular income whilst adding some comedy by Treacle choosing the winning number from her ball pit.  We did try with Nero, but he is rather camera shy and prefers to observe than participate.
That is how Treacles Treasure was born, we now have become a fundraising group for SEDR and organise and sell merchandise exclusively for SEDR.  We truly believe that every dog deserves a chance in life even if it is an offer of sanctuary when they cannot live in a conventional home.  SEDR does just this along with any rehabilitation a dog needs to thrive.
When Nero first arrived at SEDR he was so frightened and traumatised he would just hide in his kennel.  It was the care and patience that Kymm gave him that helped him to overcome his fears and become a very happy boy.  Nero,Treacle and Nettle (another rescue) all live together in harmony enjoying life to the full in the beautiful Kent Countryside.
Since having him I have studied to become a bachs animal practitioner with the Natural Animal Centre and am just finishing my qualification.  Nero has responded really well to Bachs treatments and enjoys the self selection of his sensory garden.’