Success stories

Here are some lovely updates from the new parents of some of our dogs.

Pip was adopted by Ali and Shane in April 2011, here is an update from them on how Pip has settled into his new home…

“Pip came home with us the beginning of April 2011. We had been looking for a rescue dog for a few weeks by the time we met him, and we knew within minutes we wanted to offer him a home for good.

We have both had a lot of experience with rescue dogs in the past, and have previously adopted older dogs (4 years plus). Pip appeared happy, confident and healthy on our first meeting. He was playful and fun, and didn’t seem nervous with other animals, (we live on a farm) and loved meeting other dogs and people. However, over the first few days it became apparent that he had some issues. He would steal belongings, jump up and grab food, and occasionally turn on us aggressively if we tried to retrieve the “stolen” object. It was as if he became a different dog altogether. And then, just as quickly, he would return to normal. We alerted Kymm of this problem immediately, and with her help and that of another dog behaviourist she recommended , we soon came to realise that this behaviour was based entirely on fear; fear of starving, or losing something he had fought to get. Pip had learned to live by these survival instincts in order to survive – he had been found with his collar embedded in his neck, covered in burns and scars and quite emaciated. Over the next couple of months we learned to deal with this problem through purely positive reinforcement, concentrating only on making Pip feel secure, loved, and never hungry. We moved his bed into our bedroom, fed him up to five times a day, put him on the BARF diet with plenty of raw meaty bones, and even left rubbish including tissues (his favourite) lying around the house, so that he felt no need to steal things, and food was in abundance! And it worked!! Over the next 2 months Pip became so much more trusting, his occasionally aggressive behaviour disappeared completely, and as a result he is one of the most loving and sweet natured dogs we have encountered. We now get a lot of compliments from people on his good manners and happy demeanour!

When Pip came home with us, he had a good understanding of the basic commands, and was already house-trained. With the right understanding, a little patience from us, and immense support from SE Dog Rescue, the initial problem with his fear was overcome within weeks. Pip was given a chance to show us his true loving and trusting nature. He is playful with other dogs, and very affectionate with people. I would always rescue an older dog, as in my experience over the years there the rewards have been huge and Pip has really proved that these beautiful animals deserve a second chance.”