Please meet handsome Simba
Simba is an approximately 3 year old beagle cross pug who was had a terrible start in life. Locked in a shed and used for breeding…Simba arrived a shut down, quivering wreck who would literally sit in his bed and shake if you even looked at him 😢
Simba has been with us now for a few months and is making progress in leaps and bounds. But he still is very wary of new people and new sounds and will need a home with time and patience.
Simba will only be rehomed to a family who have at least one other dog. That dog must be fantastic with people and calm and confident – a perfect role model. He hasn’t met cats but would probably be fine with dog savvy cats. He can live with older sensible children who understand he takes time to bond.
Simba has missed out on so many early experiences – so his family will need to understand simple things such as going for a walk will take time for him to feel confident with.
He is almost fully housetrained but may have an accident overnight.
He will need a secure garden.
Simba has so much love waiting to be unlocked. Even when he was beyond scared he never once snapped or showed any aggression of any kind…just fear.
He is learning to take treats and approach new people but it’s all a slow new positive learning curve for him.
He is starting to understand what toys are and loves to do zoomies in the garden with other dogs.
He has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.
If you can offer Simba a home that will help him to learn that not all humans are cruel..and that not everything that is new is scary…then please email for a form