Rocky H

Please meet Rocky H! Rocky H was rehomed via Sedr a year ago but sadly his owner has had several failed operations on his knees and can no longer give him the walks and care he needs long term. He will be staying in his home whilst we find him a suitable home and family.

Rocky H came to us in poor condition – very underweight and cuts and scars on his body. He is now in good health and has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. He is an approximately 4 year old Mastiff x Great Dane and weighs 56kg. Rocky H is settled in the home after a couple of short walks each day and is 99% house trained (he has the odd accident about once a month!!)
He can be left for 3-4 hours and sleeps on the sofa overnight. His owner has worked hard on his basic training and he loves affection and cuddles!
Rocky H is great with children but is too clumsy and big for very small children.
He loves to chill out at home on the sofa!

Last year he was out with a dog walker and bit another dog (more details can be given) so he is never offlead unless in a secure garden or a secure paddock without other dogs.
He is a big strong boy who will need a large dog savvy owner!
His current owner is very happy to chat about his routine and his character to ensure a move into a new home goes smoothly for Rocky H.
He cannot live with cats or small furries!
If you can offer Rocky H a place in your heart and your home – please email