Hi All! My name is Pumba and I may be one of the smallest dogs at SEDR—but I certainly have a BIG personality! If you saw me playing with my pals here you wouldn’t think that I was once in a pound where I was thrown against the wall because I growled at someone. It really hurt and I was so scared of humans after that. But the humans at SEDR have taught me that not all humans are bad—some are even very lovely, especially the ones who give me treats!

Due to my traumatic experience I can’t live in a home environment—but that’s OK because I have darn great life here at the Rescue!  My days are spent playing, snoozing and eating — I pretty much please myself and am under no pressure to do anything I don’t want to do.

If you choose to sponsor me the money you send will help pay for my cost of living here at the Rescue—which is like a five star hotel for me!

If you would like to sponsor Pumba please email admin@sedogrescue.co.uk