PancakeSex: Male

Age: 8 years approximately

Breed: Akita

Pancake never made it to his forever home, he went to rainbow bridge whilst staying here with me. As far as im concerned though, i was his forever home, and he would have stayed here with me until, if, the right home came along.

He died knowing how much we all loved him, in a place he felt safe and content.

Many thanks to Friends of Akitas for bringing him to our attention in the first place, and getting him out of the pound, to Chrissy for bringing him down to us, and to the Retreat for offering him the rescue space he so desperately needed.

Love you so, so much sweet boy. You will always have a place in my heart, and SEDR will continue in your memory.

Mummy loves you so much x x x

Hello there!

Thanks for taking time to read about me, I’m an old fellow you see, and I’m used to people going past without giving me a second look…..they say that happens when you get to ‘his age’ – whatever that means.

I’m not really sure why I’m here… once upon a time i was a young puppy and i had a family that loved me, i was walked and fed and played with everyday! People would come over in the park just to tell my mum how handsome i was…and they were right!!!
But as i got older, the fusses and the walks got less and less, until they barely noticed i was there.

I’m not really sure how i ended up being outside and alone on that icy night, but as hard as i tried, i couldn’t find my way back to my family. i ran and ran but it was useless. So i laid down in the snow with the icy wind hurting my face, and waited for them to come. i knew they would come, i just had to wait. And so i did, and i waited and waited, and waited – but they never came.

The next thing i remember is being in a cold kennel but at least i had some blankets and food, so i was happy. i heard someone saying i was in ‘the pound’ then a girl stood at my kennel door and asked what would happen to me. A man said ‘he’ll be put down if his owners don’t come forward in 7 days, and judging by the state of him..i don’t hold out much hope of that’ i didn’t know what that meant, but i knew it wasn’t good… as the girl started to cry.

No one ever did come to collect me, but a nice lady came on the 7th day, the day i was ‘booked in with the vet’ and took me out and put me in her car. She said ‘Don’t worry, you will be ok now..we are going to look after you’ And so i became a ‘rescue dog’

Pancake is approximately 8 years old, and is the sweetest, most gentle akita who gives so much and asks for nothing in return, other than a nice warm home with a fluffy bed to sleep on. Every day he watches as his friends go off to lovely new forever homes, and everyday i see the sadness in his eyes as people walk straight past him, without a second look.

He is neutered, micro chipped, wormed and flead, and currently living in a foster home with other dogs.

Pancake would love to find a retirement home, preferably as an only dog or with a calm female, as he just wants a quiet life! He is a real ‘teddy bear’

He travels without problem, is impeccably behaved in the house, housetrained, not destructive and is just a fantastic dog. He is used to being left for 4 – 5 hours per day.

Please don’t judge Pancake by his age…if you look beyond his years on this earth, you will be rewarded with one of the most amazing dogs i have ever met in my life….

Please give him a chance…we did…and i cant tell you how pleased we are that we did. Thank you for looking.

If you can offer pancake a loving home, please call Kymm on 07886 620009 or email

Please may i take this opportunity to thank Poppy and Steve from Room2Groom for all of their hard work in giving our star boy a pamper day including a bath, groom and photo shoot, throughout which pancake behaved impeccably.

If you are looking for a professional and caring groomers who can offer an amazing photography service on site – look no further and contact Room2groom on 01634 292010 or visit their website