Hi everyone!

My name is Smurfy and I am an 8 month old chihuahua cross Jack Russel.
I was taken to my vet to be put to sleep aged 6 1/2 months because of aggression towards men.
I bond quickly to females and other than barking in fear initially I have shown no aggression to any of the female volunteers in kennels. I went to a foster home but unfortunately they were not equipped to deal with my issues with men although they loved me very much!
I absolutely love other dogs and will need to live with another confident and playful dog to help show me the way!
I have been chemically castrated in the hope this will help reduce my testosterone! If this is successful I will be castrated in 6 months.
I am vaccinated and microchipped.
My ideal home would be with a female only adult household without any male visitors but I realise this is a tall order!
I do believe someone who has the time and experience can help me integrate with men but this will be a long process.
I cannot live with children but can live with a dog savvy cat!
Ideally my new home will be fairly local to Maidstone so a few visits can be made to secure a good relationship before I leave. Support will be given from our resident behaviourist in my new home.
I love cuddles with those I trust and am a real lap dog!
If you have the time and experience to help me find my way please email for a form