Morse (RIP)

We are very sad to have to tell you the news that our gorgeous boy Morse has passed away this year. We want to say a BIG Thank You to everyone who helped, loved and cared for Morse.

Rest in Peace Morse, your best friend Amira and everyone at SEDR will miss you. 

Please take a look at our other dogs for Sponsorship – Your help keeps dogs like Morse safe, happy and their bellies full.
I am magnificent Morse!! I am magnificent for lots of reasons – I can escape from anything! I can jump over anything! I can run the fastest! And I am by far the most handsome fellow you have ever met! I am a street dog who was brought over from Romania by another rescue. I had lived on the streets for 8 years so it was a big change for me to live in a ‘house’ and I could not cope so I was brought to the rescue to live here in the wide open spaces. I don’t trust many people, but I do trust people here – they give me wonderful food, treats and somewhere warm and cosy to sleep, I have fields and fields to run around in – and I even have a lovely lady friend Amira who shares my home with me! I was unhappy on the streets, I was unhappy in a home – I thought I would never find happiness, until I came here! Your sponsorship ensures that I can continue to be happy and safe – and that means everything to me!