This is a very sad rehome for many people including myself. I have spent lots of time with Mishka over the years during my time at the Natural Animal Centre…and she is such a sweet girl who now needs to find another perfect home.
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Mishka is 9 years old and has been neutered and microchipped. She could live with teenagers but is not used to young children.

Here is what her current owner says about her…

Mishka came the Natural Animal Centre having lived in a sterile environment locked in a walled yard & fed on poor quality food for the 1st two years of her life, quite possibly having been subjected to forceful training as well. She was extremely submissive when we rescued her but fitted in well with the other 5 dogs from minute one of day one. In the four years since she has turned into a playful, gentle malmute. She is now ready to move to a new home with other dogs.

She enjoys two short walks each day on or off lead & is good with meeting other dogs. She would make an ideal role model for a young dog. In the last year she has begun to show a desire to play with other dogs.

She needs a home with a stable environment & one where she will be treated exclusively with positive reinforcement. Anything but the gentlest guidance to ask her desist in doing something undesirable results in the spontaneous recovery of the punishment she underwent as a puppy & she will immediately show intense submission.

Having been fed on such poor food for two long years she can become anxious if other animals approach her food bowl. A sensible approach to avoiding situations where she might feel resources are in short supply means this will not arise. Removing food bowls when empty, avoiding setting up her bed near a door etc will mean such behaviour will not even be seen.

Ideally she would live in a cat free home but that is not critical as long as she does not have a bed at the access point to the house as she may hinder the cats’ access. She lives with 2 cats & the only issues occur around food bowls & doorways.

She is a gentle & joyous dog. When she knows food is on the way or a walk in the offing she will let you know her pleasure through soft barks or short soft howls.

Mishka does not have serious separation anxiety but needs a home where the humans & canine companions are there consistently.

She is a gentle natured, positive dog who wants canine companionship. I am moving the Africa for the near future & the infectious diseases would bring her life to an abrupt end, hence the reason why I am looking for a new home for her.

Our purpose at the Natural Animal Centre is to rehabilitate the animals who cross our path. That process is complete for Mishka so she is ready to move on & spread joy in the world.