PNI Cases


OttoSome of you may remember 14 year old Otto, who came to us in June 2013 severely emanciated with almost total hair loss as a result of untreated mange. In addition to this he could hardly walk due to irritated paws and was almost completely deaf as a result of an untreated ear infection which had destroyed his ear drums.

At elderly Otto’s age of 14, and following years of neglect, it seemed unlikely following traditional veterinary methods that he be able to absorb nutrients at any significant level that would make weight gain possible. But we didn’t give up!!

Otto went home with one of our team to live out his last days, and we were determined to make his life happy and comfortable for however long we could.

Otto ballWith the help of our rehabilitation specialist, ‘Heather Simpson of the Natural Animal Centre’, we used pioneering treatments which included techniques used by UNESCO on starving refugee children and babies. Such techniques are rarely used in veterinary practice.

When Otto arrived with us he weighed a tiny 28kg, after 6 weeks he weighed 34.6 kg. At just over a kilo a week, the results were truely remarkable. For a dog that couldn’t walk, he was now running and playing ball with his new friends. His hair was growing back quickly and covered his baldness with a light layer of fur. His ear infection cleared completely and he seemed free from pain and irritation, something quite certainly he hadn’t know for many years.

Sadly, as a result of a chest tumour we had to say goodbye to our beautiful boy in August. But his life wasn’t in vain! Otto taught us massively, not only were we able to ensure Otto experienced happiness in his final time here, but he will enable us to help others just like him. Next time, we will know exactly what to do …..thank you Otto! x

To watch a video of how far Otto came please click on the link below!