Hi everyone!

My name is Jax! I’m a neutered 18 month old American bulldog who has been vaccinated and microchipped.
I lived with my dad and a 6 year old child, a 13 year old child and a 9 year old staffy but sadly my dad had a terrible accident and can no longer give me all the time and walkies that I need.
I cannot live with cats!
Although I have lived with another dog I would like to be the only dog in the home because I am quite a foody and don’t like to share my food or treats! I’m happy to meet dogs out and about but I get quite anxious and over aroused if a dog barks in my face!!
I’m a big lad and I’m strong on the lead initially but do calm down after a good run!
I have a good recall and love to play fetch! It’s my favourite game!!
I am rather over enthusiastic when meeting new people and will sometimes jump up. I do like children but I’m too bouncy for most children under about 10 years – and they need to be ‘large dog savvy!’
I’m clean in the house as long as i am reminded to go out into the garden.
I would like an active home where I am not left for too long each day.
I travel well in the car and was a very good boy at the vets (I snuck in some kisses for the vet whilst she was listening to my heart)
If you can offer me a place in your heart and your home – please email southeastdogrescue@hotmail.com for a form 🐕