How SEDR Started



This dog rescue is dedicated to Flossie – my first ever ‘pound dog’. Flossie gave me the inspiration to start a rescue to help all the thousands of dogs that end up in the pounds each year, with sadly around 7,000 of those dogs being put to sleep as they have not been claimed.

Flossie was found as a stray and taken to the pound, to serve her 7 days, in the hope that she would be claimed by her owners. But days turned into weeks, and still no-one claimed her. She was so stressed in the kennel environment, she chewed large holes in her paws, and chewed off the end of her tail. Flossie literally had just days to live before we collected her, as she was due to be put to sleep, to make way for the ever increasing new dogs being brought into the pound.

IceFlossie came home with me, and very quickly became a part of the family!! She was fantastic with my little girl, my Alaskan Malamute…in fact she was fantastic in every way!!! Despite being unloved and unwanted for so long, she was full of love and a truly affectionate girl. All the dogs lives that we manage to save from here on in, are a tribute to Flossie.

IceThankfully, we were able to save Flossie from certain death, but so many other dogs are not so lucky. So this rescue is for all the other ‘Flossies’ out there that need someone to give them the chance they deserve.