Please meet Gentle George!!GEorge 2
George is an approximately 8 year old German shepherd cross who is a sweet and loving soul who desperately wants the comfort of a warm and loving home.
George is shy at first but quickly wants cuddles and will be a wonderful companion in his new home.
George can live with older children (he may find young children too overwhelming) and seems un interested in cats. He would love a canine companion to snuggle up with in his new home.
George has spent a few nights in foster and was house trained and just wants a nice comfy bed to snooze the days away on as well as enjoying his walks.
George has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated
George would make an ideal companion for an older person or a quieter home.
If you can offer George a place in your heart and your home…please fill in the pre adoption form by clicking here
George 3George