I am Frankie and I am so happy to be here at SEDR. I am undergoing rehabilitation as I was spayed at the wrong time and this has caused me lots of psychological problems, I am slowly getting  better but know that it’s a long road. I am so lucky to have the lovely people at SEDR looking after me, they are patient and kind and are determined to help me! I have a lovely home at the    Rescue with a shelter just for me, I have a play area with branches and pallets along with a paddling pool—which I love!

If you would like to be my sponsor I would be so very grateful—it would help the rescue with all of my costs which includes my rehabilitation. The kindness I have been shown here at the Rescue and the kindness of our supporters teaches me that no matter how dark your day is there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

If you would like to sponsor Frankie please email