Hi everyone!

My name is Doug and I’m a pink pug – and affectionately known as Doug the thug! I’m 18 months old, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.
I have had a sad start in life and sadly this has led to some behavioural issues which need to be carefully considered before applying and will need to be carefully managed in my new home.
Here is what my foster mum says about me!
Doug will be such a sweet dog in the right home, we’re just too much for him.
Doug needs to be an only dog, he does not like to share food, toys or love!  He is possessive over everything!  He wants all the love, cuddles, food and attention. He doesn’t get along with our dog, they are both possessive and it’s been impossible to help them learn to like each other.  If we didn’t already have a dog he would be staying and we could work some more with him.  He is a very loving dog, he loves to sleep on your lap although he does snore! He loves to chase his ball, he could spend hours in the garden!  He will bring and drop the ball unless he’s busy trying to shake it to death in which case you will have to wait a minute or two!  He then likes nothing better than a sleep on your lap to recover!
He has some sort of trigger with our kitchen entrance.  He will often bark aggressively at whoever is coming or going including my children and husband.  Sometimes he barks himself into a frenzy and nips at whatever is nearby, be it legs, arms, or clothing.  Other times he ignores the comings and goings and just watches peacefully.  The doorbell or someone knocking is definitely a trigger, he barks loudly and his hackles will often raise.  It’s possible that this is a fear aggression reaction and he will often nip at whatever is in reach.  Doug is quite reactive to other dogs when he’s out for a walk but a few well timed treats as a distraction work very well.  His new owners will have to continue to work on this with him.  Doug is house trained but does not ‘ask’ to go out, he won’t stand at the door to tell you he needs to go!  Any accidents he’s had were our fault for not putting him out more often.  As long as you remind him to go outside he’s fine.  He can be left without getting upset, because he doesn’t get along with our dog we separate them if we leave them.  He’s happy with a chew and he settles down to sleep. He is gentle taking treats and absolutely loves his food!  We weren’t able to do much training with him because of the food aggression between the dogs but he is  motivated by food and would pick things up quite easily I feel.  He isn’t keen on new people in the house, he’s better if he’s left in another room until he calms down and then meets them, this may have something to do with the issue at our kitchen door as this is where people would greet him after coming in the house.
Doug can’t live with cats!  He doesn’t even like to hear our cat meow!
Doug adores my 10 year old daughter, and he would probably be better off in a home with older children as the noise and activity of my youngest two seem to bother him.  He’s quite a nervous dog and will often shy away if it’s noisy or the kids are running around.
The perfect home is out there for Doug, I’m heartbroken that it wasn’t us.  He will need some help with a few things but he will be a fantastic little dog for the right people.
With all of the above in mind…I am looking for a very quiet, experienced home with just one or two resident people and as few visitors as possible!
Although I loved the daughter in my foster home – it would be better for me to live in an adult only home.
I travel well in the car!
I know I am cute as a button but I need a patient, dedicated home who can see past my cuteness and understand me and my issues to help put me back on the right path. Please note homes with children, cats or dogs will not be successful if the rehoming process – so please read carefully before applying.
To offer a place in your heart and your home – please email