Please meet Delightful Dotty

Dottie is a 14 month old American Bulldog Cross who sadly needs a new home due to her owners being forced to move and they cannot take Dotty with them. She has always been a much loved and well socialised member of their family.
Dottie has been spayed, vaccinated and neutered.
Dottie has not lived with another dog but has spent a lot of time with a relatives Jack Russell.
Dottie can be quite strong on the lead initially and is used to be walked off lead. She is receptive to who is at the end of the lead and when walked by the 8 year old in the home (supervised) she would not pull.
Dottys mum spent a lot of time socialising her with other dogs and is great meeting dogs off lead and will go over to say hi and come back when she is called. Dotty loves a football and water of any kind – be it a puddle, stream or lake!!
Dotty loves humans and is great meeting new people. She does sometimes jump up in excitement but settles quickly.
Dotty was living with children aged 2, 4 and 8 in her home. She is very gentle with them! Dotty is not cat friendly!
Dotty is fine to be left for a few hours each day and is great in the car. she has no guarding issues around food and toys.
If you can offer this gorgeous family girl a place in your heart and your home – please email