Please meet Beautiful Bob!!Bob 2
Bob is a 9 month old neutered and vaccinated jack Russell who is in rescue because his 93 year old owner could no longer care for him.
Bob is the sweetest and most loving pup you could wish to meet who is fantastic with children, and very playful with other dogs. He is wary around cats but could live with cats with gentle introductions.
Bob hasn’t been out the house much, so hasn’t been tested off lead but he is enjoying his walks here with us and learning to explore open spaces.
We are told he is house trained.
Bob would love to live with a dog of similar size and age to play with.
He travels well in the car and is not possessive over food.
Bob has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped.
Bob is a young and enthusiastic pup who loves life! He will make a perfect addition to an active family
If you can offer Bob a place in your heart and your home….please fill in the pre adoption form on our website 3