This is an incredibly sensitive post as I know Bob (toy poodle) and his mum and the reason for rehoming is due to a huge change in family circumstances, and causing much heartbreak.

Bob will be 8 in feb 2019. He was castrated in 2015 and has his leg pinned in 2012 after a fracture.
He’s a teeny tiny dog with a massive personality! He’s the most sweet and loving dog who just wants a lap to sleep on all day! He can be left for a few hours but wants someone around for most of the day to cuddle with!!
He is housetrained, good in the car and great with kids and cats. He is also good with dogs of any size and has a good recall off lead.
He’s a bit worried about being groomed and needs a gentle approach during grooming sessions. 

To register interest in adopting Bob please email