Behaviour, rehabilitation and the Natural Animal Centre

At South East Dog Rescue, we are committed to helping even the most troubled of dogs through canine behaviour modification. We do this in two key ways:
1. through on site rehabilitation
2. on going behaviour advice and support once in their new homes.

To be able to do this effectively, requires years of training and experience. We are extremely proud to have our own resident canine behaviourist, who has trained for several years at one of the UK’s leading animal behaviour centres, the Natural Animal Centre. Kymm has experienced first-hand the benefits of formal training in the science of dog behaviour and welfare:
‘ My Canine Behaviour Qualification gained through the Natural Animal Centre is a comprehensive science-based qualification using only the latest research from the best universities in the world. The course encompasses canine ethology, evolution, domestication, abnormal behaviours, physiology, learning theory, welfare, aggression as well as personal self development and learning how to consult. This enables me to provide detailed behavioural modification programmes for even the most traumatised of dogs. I know how to target the cause of the problem and not to focus on just the superficial symptom. This means I focus on good welfare for the dog throughout their modification.

In line with my personal ethics and those of the Natural Animal Centre, I work only using positive reinforcement which is scientifically proven to have a
beneficial and accelerated affect on how dogs learn.’


The Natural Animal Centre has a mission statement of ‘positively influencing the well being of animals worldwide’.
Formally opened in 1997 to promote compassion and good welfare for animals, the Natural Animal Centre focuses its teaching efforts on producing excellent, leading behaviourists. They do this by combining animal behavioural science with the teaching of communication and counselling skills thereby ensuring students become unsurpassed in their chosen career.
The Natural Animal Centre actively supports and trains the staff of many rescue centres (both in the UK and abroad) and has worked extensively with the Dogs Trust and the Blue Cross, as well as with South East Dog Rescue.
If you are interested in attending a Natural Animal Centre course (dogs, cats or horses) either as an animal owner or a prospective animal behaviourist, then visit,
If you are a Rescue Centre you may qualify for free, sponsored training for your full time staff visit the ‘rescue’ page on the website: