Barnaby is an 18 month old minature poodle who has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
Barnaby has had a rough life and will need a patient and experienced home to help him progress. Barnaby is an amazingly sweet and loving little dog but due to his past he does not cope well under pressure – and will snap if he feels threatened. He needs someone who understands his anxieties about being ‘forced’ to do things and someone who will be gentle with him and not put him in positions he is uncomfortable with. He has lived with me for 3 weeks and I have seen no aggression but he has snapped in his previous home and I have not given him any reason to feel threatened – so he has been a perfect house guest! But he will only be rehomed to someone who has experience of this type of behaviour. Barnaby adores other dogs and can live with another dog of any size or sex….he can be a bit full on at first so will need to be a dog who is quite forgiving!
Barnaby will need a home without cats, and a home without children.
Barnaby was muzzled at the vets initially when he was neutered as he was worried about what was going to happen, but on collection the nurses reported he had been a star patient.
Barnaby loves his walks (he has not been tested off lead) –  he also jumps up to greet you – he’s like a tiny tigger!! Barnaby needs reminding to go out to keep him house trained and does become very attached to his primary care giver so will need someone at home for a good part of the day. He will cry if he can hear / see you but can’t get to you but is quiet when left. He also barks when people come to the door.
This little dog has so much potential…and in the right home he will be the most loving and loyal companion. I will be extremely sad to see this little lad move to his forever home, once he trusts you…he is your best friend!

Barnaby 2