I am Amira—which I am told means Princess! – and I came into SEDR in April 2015. I have had a traumatic life and because of this I can be aggressive towards humans and other dogs—but its only because I am scared of what might happen to me.

I was with another Rescue who found SEDR for me, they were told by a behaviourist that I should be ‘put to sleep’ because of my aggression—but they didn’t want to give up on me, and I am so pleased that they didn’t!

I am undergoing rehabilitation at the Rescue and am coming on in leaps and bounds—I even have a new bdff (best dog friend forever)—Morse. We often go for walks together and splash in the pond—I love water!

I  am relaxed at the Rescue and do things at my own pace. I am learning that not all humans and dogs are bad—and every day I become more confident and less aggressive because of this.

Through rehabilitation and patience I will get much much better—and your sponsorship helps   to provide this—my life is the best it could be!

If you would like to sponsor Amira please email 1